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I've got a Plan!

Last April, after the start of our Artist in Residence time, Shiloh Sophia and her own business coach Amy Ahlers offered a creativity based business class called Dancing Entrepreneur.

While most gals were from our creative community, several other creatives joined us. Posts which really caught my eye were of Karen Dawn's Visual Planning system, and I joined her Beta Test group on crafting similar systems of our own! I love Karen's creative approach to planning! (Her blog includes some of these teachings! She also introduced me to Neurographica!)

Vision Plan Board

My visual planner is on a foam board left over from a vision board class, and holds my Medicine Basket, one of the Dancing Entrepreneur action cards, a couple of Neuro-Noodles plus - pockets. Who doesn't love these little pockets?

The clothesline is a ribbon, and I simply taped the ends to the back of the board using painter's tape! You can use nails or eye hooks to tack the lines directly on a wall - so many options! And options for using your board! 

Karen uses this 'clothesline' system for organizing ideas visually. Over time, she realized that when her notes were tucked away in journals and files, they weren't as accessible, and often dropped off her radar. She'd open a journal and discover an idea she intended to pursue .... months before .... (So me!) 

Viola - make pockets to hold sets of cards with those ideas, and string them up on a line! Larger file folder size pockets can be tacked up, or housed nearby, with in depth writings/images. Command hook can hold pants hangers with heavier pockets (Pinterest offers lots of ideas!) 

We can jot down a couple of action steps that will help us bring our vision into reality, and choose one we can do in a day or two, or include soul compass cards to help defuse the critic, and intrigue the Muse! 

It is an easy way to see what's on your plate, access, move them around, and to inspire action! Working on cards? Bring a pocket or two along to sort them into, then pin up later. Labels can be attached to the pockets with a paper clip, and changed as you need!

I also like making little vision plans in Zines - easily tucked into a small pocket! 

Planning pockets
The pockets are of colored cardstock, plus a map (in tip pic) which was a homemade envelope. 

What uses could you find for a set of these pockets? Share your ideas in the comments!   


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