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Did you get in trouble for coloring outside the lines, or wearing bold colors when you were a child? When did that stop?

Creativity is our human birthright, yet often an experience or someone's opinion shut down that joy of creation. When did you put down the crayons

We love that each woman's Muse inspires her in a different way - and that's expressed in our warm, welcoming circles

Women are invited to join our next events:

Pour a cup of Tea, gather your supplies and Red thread, bring some chocolate and join us our popular gatherings & share creativity and sisterhood!
The link will be visible When you RSVP

Your hosts live in the Pacific NW, so times are PST or PDT 

Each Virtual Circle will be
2-3:30 PM PST

Thursday, March 23

Equinox circle

smashbook or journal, cards, paper, favorite colors and mark making tools 

🎶 House Concert 🎶 

Dragon Whispers - folk harp

Saturday March 11, 4-6

At Apothic House - 

downtown McMinnville Oregon

Young Elders - Orange series #1

Circles are virtual and complementary

Donations to support the circles are welcome 💟

Want to interact with our community? 

Your invited to join our 

Red Thread Creatives FB group




  1. Looking forward to our circle and playdates!! See you soon!


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Altered Board Book

One of the earliest projects in our  Color of Woman teacher training was the invitation to create simple art journals, setting our intention, using simple supplies and an inexpensive composition book as the container. These journals, called Cosmic Smash Books by an earlier graduate, Catt Geller, became companions for many of us on our quest, holding notes, inspiration, and process pages. I made several that year, and many others since. We began and covered books in our last Red Thread Creatives circle, and this week,  created a grounding, resting or process page. We were led by Linda Allen, a CoW graduate and Smashbook Guide. Linda is a big fan of using junk mail and other throw away for booklets and pages. In our last session, I painted a cover for the journal I was already working in, using a sturdy paper bag from my daughter's stash. My youngest granddaughter came outside to paint with me, making hers for a spiral bound notebook. This week, I worked in an altered children's


 When preparing to teach a class, I generally make notes in my journal of what I plan to include, and I have a set of prompt cards to help keep the flow. A fan of things 'tiny,' I  was intrigued when I happened on a call with the lovely  Denise Daffara  on working in little "zines" ... but had missed the instructions, lol!  So after the call, looked up how to make one, and was enchanted!  Calendar and Zines in process Who doesn't like tiny booklets? And with the central slit, these fold into a cover and several pages - perfect for a little collage session, or a planning booklet!  Double Calendar spread, paint and collage We made zines at our next  Red Thread Circle  - I used a double spread from this large biodynamic calendar to create a fun booklet. I liked some of the black and white illustrations of candles and beeswax, so worked around including them, and some of the text. The small blue Zine was made from another calendar.  Acrylic paint and collage A piece o

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 I'm looking forward to the February Festival -  Resetting the space of your Living Altar,  which Katy  from our  Intentional Creativity  community hosts! I'm also a bit nervous, as I've been invited on board to help facilitate the group this year! You can join the group here Red Thread A decade ago, our IC teacher  Shiloh  issued this invitation:   " I would love for you to finish your painting if you haven’t, and then to clean your studio. Reset your altars. Make new room for the sprouts to come up through the ashes. You need space and time to see what’s coming up and what wants to be shared and prepared for...." Whatever your space and projects, giving time and attention to a reset often inspires us, and gives access to new ideas and insights.  The Resetting group description reads,  "think of this, what if your whole home was a sacred space? Throughout February, (we) will lead a month of consciously clearing spaces in your home, and you're invited!&qu